5’9 James Justice dunks on 7’1 player in Taiwan @ 2014 Williams Jones Cup

Did you know that the USA played in a tournament called the Williams Jones Cup in Taiwan earlier in the month? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t because the event didn’t get much hype and the USA team finished in a disappointing 4th place.  But what the world missed by missing out on these games were some good performances and spectacular dunks by 5’9 former NCAA dunk champ James Justice.

Besides the college dunk contest win, James created some buzz 2 years ago with a pretty crazy poster dunk over a 7 footer in Taiwan.  I remember thinking Justice might be the shortest guy to ever dunk on a defender that was 7 feet tall and we would probably never see that happen again. Well, he did it again in Taiwan a few weeks ago.  This time the victim was a 7’1 player from Iran who probably wasn’t expecting the guard to jump the way he did.  Maybe if he would have seen Justice throwing down sick dunks like this 360 during pre-game warm-ups he would have known not to jump.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, here’s a nice windmill by Justice vs Japan and some dunks from this Adidas event at the Jones Cup (please stop dunking with those GoPro cameras on your head, chest, shoulders, 3rd leg or any other part of your body – the footage looks awful).

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