6’1″ Donte Innocent Had One Of The Nastiest Chase Down Blocks Ever

This just became my third favorite chase down block ever. Number one is 38-year-old Michael Jordan’s two-hand backboard pin on Ron Mercer in 2002; Number two is Shannon Brown giving us one of the best Kobe and bench reactions ever after he ended Mario West’s career in 2010; Number three was LeBron’s block on Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

The guilty party in this viral-worthy video is 6’1″ class of 2018 guard Donte Innocent. He didn’t just block it from behind, he took off like he was throwing down a dunk and then viciously grabbed the ball with two hands. The ref called a jump ball after the North Miami high-flyer attacked the ball and I was really hoping to see the results of it. I’m just going to assume the guy who got blocked didn’t even bother jumping.

Speaking of not bothering to jump, this defender probably should have stayed on the ground instead of going for this block.