6'0" JJ Barea Attempts To Dribble Between 7'3" Hasheem Thabeet's Legs

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Passing the ball between a legs defender takes skill and some lackadaisical defense on the defender but trying to dribble the ball between the legs of a defender should be damn near impossible even if the ball handler was 6'0" JJ Barea and the defender was 7'3" Hasheem Thabeet.

That move was a fail but the end result of the game was a win for JJ and the Twolves as they somehow survived a 36 point game by Durant and came out with an 8 point win against OKC.  JJ only had 6 points but the monster in the middle Pekovic had 22 and 15 against OKC's big men and i'm not including Hasheem in that sentence.


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