6’0 Ra’shad “Birdman” James posterizes 7’0 Travis Hyman twice in the same D-League game

Dunk aficionados have known the name Ra’shad James years before he was in the D-League playing for the Reno Big Horns but they knew him as the Birdman with hops. ¬†When the NBA’s version of Birdman was taking 10-15 tries to get down a dunk in the NBA dunk contest, 6’0 Ra’shad James was throwing down some of the sickest dunks on YouTube and then at Northwood University.

If 7’0 Travis Hyman wasn’t familiar with James’ YouTube vids I’m sure he went home after last weeks game to google him and find out more about the 6 footer that posterized him twice in the same game.





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