6’1 Myree Bowden Reverse Dunks OVER 7’6 Mamadou Ndiaye

Myree Reemix Bowden is 6’1. He’s in his mid (he will tell you early) 30s. He was in the NCAA dunk contest 12 years ago…he’s basically “old as shit” in the dunk world. And last night, the “seasoned” dunk legend was in Long Beach to emcee the 2016 Ballislife All-American game presented by Eastbay and dunk contest; A dunk contest that should go down as arguably the greatest high school dunk contest of all-time with future Zach LaVine competitors like Terrance “2k” Ferguson and Miles Bridges; A dunk contest that was overshadowed when the emcee decided to drop the mic (he actually did some warm up 360 dunks while holding the mic), grab 7’6  Mamadou Ndiaye from the crowd, backed up, focused, signed an autograph for an interupting kid, refocused, and then jumped OVER (no push-off either) Mamdou, avoided head, neck and shoulder injuries, and then reverse dunked it! It was the most shocking contest dunk i’ve ever seen in person and I’ve seen Zach LaVine win multiple contests as well as every pro dunker over the past 5 years.

I was so overwhelmed with excitement after the dunk, you can see me acting like a little kid in the following Dunkademics video, showing Myree and Mamadou the above slo-mo video. Then in the next video by ballervisions, you can see Myree’s facial expression saying, “That’s nasty” while mine is saying, “Congrats Bro, this just might be your masterpiece.”