6'1 Viral Dunker Jordan Kilganon Did The Impossible In Rio: He Left Gary Payton Speechless!

6'1 international dunk phenom Jordan Kilganon aka Mission Impossible aka The Dunker In Jeans From The All-Star Game did the impossible at the NBA House in Rio: He left Gary Payton - one of the loudest and most talkative NBA players of all-time - speechless! Keep in mind GP played with a prime Shawn Kemp and Vince Carter in the Olympics so you would think it would be near impossible to impress him with a dunk. I guess that's why Kilganon's nickname is Mission Impossible.

Unlike GP, NBA great Glen (very underrated) Rice had plenty to say about Kilganon. He not only called him an Android but said Kilganon can get up higher than Vince Carter.