6’2 38 year old Andre Miller gets rejected by the rim on a tip-dunk attempt

During last night’s game against the TWolves, 6’2 38 year old Andre Miller attempted to throw down a tip-dunk and got rejected by the rim. More people were probably shocked at the attempt than the actual miss.

On Monday’s “On this Day in NBA History” post, we went back to December 15th of 2001 when Andre Miller dropped 14 points, 22 assists and 9 steals on Allen Iverson and talked about how underrated Miller was back in his NBA assist leading days.  What really might surprise people who didn’t see Dre in those days was his occasional shocking display of hops – like this dunk on Theo Ratliff.

or this block attempt on a Vinsanity dunk.


As insane as it might seem for Dre to attempt the block on the league’s best postermaker not named Shaq, keep in mind this guy once blocked dunks by high-flying Ricky Davis and 7’0 Dirk.

Shocking right!