6'8 Chinese Pro Player tries to fight The Professor after being embarrassed | Professor Throws ball off Manny Pacquiao's face!

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Jason Richardson Carlos Boozer

's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt...or in basketball, when somebody throws the ball off the head or face of a defender that doesn't find the streetball move amusing.

This is what happened back in the 2003 NBA rookie/sophomore games when Jason Richardson, inspired by watching streetballer like the Professor on a few And1 Mixtapes, bounced the ball off of Carlos Boozer's head before hitting a 3 pointer.  Booze took exception to the streetball move and said it was disrespectful after the game.

No player has probably done this "disrespectful" but oh so awesome move to defenders around the world more than The Professor and during a Chinese Exhibition Tour (with Allen Iverson), class was in session as The Professor found the 6'8 Chinese version of Carlos Boozer and gave him a demonstration of the move. Like Boozer, the Chinese pro took exception and almost started an international riot between him and The Professor's Ballup teammates.

You might be thinking it's not that wise to throw the ball off the face of a frustrated defender, especially one that is much bigger than you, but The Professor has no fear and luckily for him is one lucky MF too because he once did this move on boxer Manny Pacquiao!  Yes, he threw the ball off the face of Manny Pacquiao.  I repeat, Yes, Grayson "The Professor" Boucher is still alive and on tour with Ballup and did not die after throwing the ball of the face of Manny Pacquiao.

Here's Grayson talking about the funny could have been near death experience.



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