6th Grader Shemar Morrow scores 53, dunks in a game & gets a tech for hanging on the rim

I don’t know what’s the most shocking thing about this video of 6th grader Shemar Morrow from Akron, Ohio.  He’s 6’2 and dunking in 6th grade!  He scored 53 points (I don’t care if the game did go into double OT).  The ref gave him a tech for hanging on the rim!

I’ve never seen a 6th grader get a tech before and if I dunked in a game in the 6th grade, I would have hung on the rim, slapped the glass, stared at a defender, stared at the bench, pointed at the crowd, yelled real loud, cursed even louder and did every post game dance I could think of.

Video by City League HoopsTV



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