7 Years Later, Nate Robinson Dunks On Shaq Again!

As of last year, Shaq is only willing to credit Derrick Coleman, Tim Perry and Michael Jordan as players to have “dunked on” him. Our list of players who have dunked on Shaq is a little longer and I'm not just talking about in practices, which means former teammates like Kobe Bryant and Nate Robinson would be on the list.

Seven years after the 5'9 three-time NBA Dunk champion dunked on and pulled his legs up on the shoulders of his Boston big man during a Celtics' practice, Nate -- on the set of the Uncle Drew film and looking like a 70 year old man -- got him again.

In Shaq's IG post of Nate effortless dunking on him, he wrote, "Dammit Nate Robinson got me again the only one that has ever dunked on me, he need to be back in the league #stillgotit"

Only? I know Shaq looks like a 60-year old black Logan on the set but he's too young to have Alzheimer's disease.

I do agree with his comment about the 33-year old Nate Robinson deserving a spot somewhere in the league. He's not going to have the impact on the court like he did with the Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals but he's a spark plug, a fan favorite and an experienced veteran who can mentor the large numbers of teens on teams full of too many teens.