7'1 HS Senior Thon Maker Is A Point Guard Stuck In A Center's Body

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Bam Adebayo Thon Maker

Have you ever played against a guy and said "that's just not fair" because of that guy's height, or speed, or athletic ability, or shooting ability, or his play making skills? 7'1 senior Thon Maker has us saying "that's just not fair" because he has all of those skills. The reason why he has those skills is because he's a point guard stuck in a center's body. But unlike most big men who have those type of skills, Thon isn't soft.  Maker will make you a poster or throw your shot in the stands. He can back you down too even though he's just as comfortable taking and making 3-pointers. How comfortable? He made 8 straight 3-pointers and finished 2nd in our Ballislife All-American 3-Point contest earlier this year. He was also the co-MVP of the game.

So here we are 5 months after that game and 3 months after he broke Bam Adebayo's ankles at the Las Vegas Fab 48 event watching this mix from City League Hoops saying "that's just not fair!"