75 Seconds Of Kevin Durant & Klay Thompson Shooting Without A Miss In Practice

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Kevin Durant Klay Thompson

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Watching a NBA player – even awful game-shooters – shoot lights out when they are wide-open in practice or before a game is pretty common. With the exception of probably 5% of the league, I would say every player in the league can look like Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant when he’s not being guarded.  If that’s the case, then how does Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant look when they aren’t in a game 7 (sorry)?  Here’s a video by Anthony Slater of the Mercury News showing the two sharpshooters taking turns and making shots without a miss for 75 seconds.

Speaking of KD shooting lights out, I was invited to attend a shoe launch for his latest KDs in Austin this past summer and watched this guy walk onto a court and bury 10 consecutive shots without stretching or taking a warm-up shot or drinking his morning coffee (it was about 9am).

And here’s some bonus footage of Klay Thompson shooting around after a Team USA practice this past summer.