8 Current Players Who Have Never Dunked In a NBA Game!


Earlier this summer, Luke Ridnour made history by being traded 4 times in a month. That was shocking even for a guy who has been on 5 different teams and 1 team twice since 2003 but what's even more shocking is after 852 games, the 6'2 guard has never dunked in a game. At 6'2 we know Luke can dunk and with over a decade of basketball on his NBA resume, he's had to have had plenty of opportunities to throw one down but he has somehow managed to never do so.

The closest player to this streak is 6'3 Beno Udrih at 801 but considering Beno has averaged 5 points a game over his last 4 seasons, it's unlikely one of his field goals will end up being a dunk. So Luke's record seems safe.

6'0 JJ Barea is in 3rd but he gets some props for attempting them.  He even attempted a tip dunk last season.

And you catch him throwing down before games sometimes.

Sorry. Wrong clip.  Here's the correct one.

Now i'm not going to be Captain Obvious and state why 6'0 DJ Augustin should be ashamed to be on this list after 539 games - don't call me racist, it's because his first name is Darryl and he plays for the Thunder and that sounds close to Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins.

Ricky Rubio and Jimmer Fredette are also on this list and we do have proof both can dunk...eventhough we are going back to high school to show proof on Jimmer.

Source: Abraham Smith via NBA Memes