8 Teams To Watch In The $1 Million Basketball Tournament feat Nate Robinson, Jason Williams & the White Mamba

The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is back and bigger…MUCH BIGGER! When we covered the event last year the payout was $500k and the biggest names were Aquille Carr, Josh Selby, Dahntay Jones & Smush Parker. This year the payout is a million dollars and we have players like Nate Robinson, Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, Royce “Is he going to fly” White and the White Mamba himself Brian Scalabrine competing.

The White Mamba’s Grantland team will get the most buzz with him and Jason Williams playing, the hilarious Michael Rappaport coaching and Matt Bonner as the GM but they are far from the favorites.

Here’s a few other teams worth keeping an eye on.


We have had the pleasure of following Jamal Crawford’s summer league for the past couple of years so we know how deep the talent is out there. They will also have Nate Robinson playing and I don’t see anybody in the tournament stopping him.


Nick Young will be coaching the 3x Drew League Champions. The deep team is headlined by former NBA players Dijon Thompson, Ike Diogu and should be in the league Bobby Brown.


This Syracuse All-Star team features dunk god Hakim Warrirck, former 1st round pick Donte Greene and Eric Deveendorf


Features former pros DeMarr Johnson and Michael Sweetney and will be coached by former Wizards’ coach Joe Connellly.


Kobe’s “favorite” teammate of all-time Smush Parker will be joining forces with a bunch of alumni from Jersey City High.


The perfectly named team features the 16th pick of the 2012 draft: Royce White.


A bunch of University of Mississippi Alumni will be lead by former NBA player Damien Wilkins who was playing in the D-League last season.

You can view the full rosters of ever team here on TheTournament.com