9 Minutes of Russell Westbrook destroying the Spurs on Christmas

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Russell Westbrook

Some call him Russell Westbrook. Spurs fans are calling him the Grinch. Many others are calling him the best point guard in the league after he attacked and destroyed the Spurs on Christmas.

“Regardless of what’s going on, like I said before and I’m going to keep saying it, my job is to attack,” Westbrook said.

And he did his job of attacking the basket well because 20 of his 34 points came in the paint. For all the critics that think Westbrook needs to get more assists to be considered the best point guard in the league, he had a season-high 11 assists – so how do you like them apples? On the defensive end, he also had a season-high 5 steals.

Westbrook is now averaging 28.2 points a game which is good enough to lead the league in scoring but his 15 games isn’t enough to qualify him yet to be that stat leader – although 15 is enough to qualify him as the best in many eyes.