90s Halftime Feature: Shaq vs Ewing, Robinson & Hakeem

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Great 90’s half-time feature back when Centers ruled the earth and one of the most popular offline debates was, “Who was the best player out of Orlando’s Shaquille O’Neal, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson and Hakeem.”

For those who weren’t watching basketball in the 90’s, most would be quick to say Hakeem was superior to Shaq because they can only cite the NBA finals, but it wasn’t Hakeem and the Rockets that gave Shaq the biggest fits during his first few seasons, it was the Admiral and his Spurs.

I still remember Sports Illustrated writing about this hell week for Shaq as he had to face off against the 3 of the best centers in the league within 7 days.  As you can see from the feature or the graphic below, Shaq did more than hold his own against all three hall of famers.

Maybe the best part of the video is the end when Dr J says Shaq is the best in the league and Bob Costas compliments Shaq for always having great and respectful things to say about every other player in the league.  I’m sure Bob wouldn’t say the same about LA, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston Shaq but again, this was the young Shaq. The Shaq most people don’t remember or know enough about.

Video by Oakley and Allen



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