Michael Beasley posterizes Mike Muscala in home debut

“I think he can bring a lot,” said Michael Beasley’s former Suns teammate Goran Dragic. “He’s a big body who can do everything, basically. He can make plays. He can make shots. He can rebound. He can defend.”

He can also put a defender on a poster as evident by this dunk on Mike Muscala during his 2015 Miami home debut on Saturday night.  If you are wondering who Muscala is, the Hawks rested 4 players so he got 16 minutes off the bench. Productive minutes too – he had 4 of the 5 blocks by his team which was 1 more than the entire Heat.

Before fouling out in 25 minutes, Bease, MVP of the China All-Star game (w/ 59 points), also had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals. Considering the health of the team, don’t be surprised to see the former #2 pick getting a lot more minutes and hanging around for the whole season.

“Look, it is a business in this league,” Spoelstra said. “And faces do change. But we view Mike as a family member. We drafted him. We developed him. This summer we made a lot of different changes. So the way our team was set up, we didn’t bring him back.

“But that was not an indictment on how we felt about him. And then so, because of all the change right now, we feel fortunate that we’re able to bring somebody back with his skill set who has familiarity with our system and our culture at this time of year. We think it’s a good fit.”