A.C. Green 30 For 30: The Iron Virgin

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Karl Malone AC Green

The most incredible stat from A.C. Green’s NBA career isn’t the one about him never missing a game in 15 out of 16 seasons — he missed a whopping three during his second season — or that he played in an NBA record 1,192 consecutive games. It’s not the fact that he played in 83 games during one of his seasons. No, the most impressive stat in his career is he spent 16 years in the NBA, including five during the 80’s Showtime era in Los Angeles, and never had sex!

That stat was so amazing, it inspired filmmaker Isaac Feder to direct a 30 for 30 special (narrated by Will Ferrell) on the NBA’s “Iron Man” called “The Iron Virgin.”

Here’s another interesting stat and story about Green: his one and only All-Star appearance came in 1990. Karl Malone — the league’s second-leading scorer and arguably biggest asshole — was so pissed about fans voting for Green, the Mail Man refused to play in the All-Star game like he was refusing child support payments. The league said Malone was sitting because of “an injury” but he looked just fine a couple days later when he went off on the Bucks for 61 points….on 26 shots….in 33 minutes…of a 48 point victory!

You can click here to read more about that day and watch highlights of Malone’s career-high or you can scroll down and enjoy some more of Green, his Jheri curl and short shorts.