A Devastated Looking Mudiay Sits By Grizzlies Dogpile After Marc Gasol Game-Winner

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Shout out to Memphis’ Vince Carter for putting up 20 points off the bench and making this great pass to Marc Gasol for the game-winner. And a special shout out to Denver’s Emmanuel Mudiay, who followed up his 30 point performance against Boston with 23 points, 7 assists and one great effort at deflecting what turned out to be the game-winning pass on Tuesday. When the shot went down, Mudiay fell with Gasol to the ground and then just sat there, defeated, as the Grizzlies piled on top of Gasol.

“It just happens sometimes,” Mudiay said. “Some games end like that, some games don’t end like that.”

That look on Mudiay’s face looked a lot like how many Americans looked and felt on Tuesday night.

Back to Carter, let’s flash back 20 years ago, when Carter was on the receiving end of these inbound oops and a Clinton was in the White House.