A Tearful Dirk Nowitzki Bids Farewell To A Standing Ovation After Likely Last Game

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Dirk Nowitzki

It was just 6 days ago we were celebrating Dirk Nowitzki’s first points for Germany in 4 years. 2 day ago we were celebrating Dirk passing Nikos Galis to become the #2 scorer in EuroBasket history. Yesterday we were celebrating the likely last for the 37 year old after Germany’s 1 point loss to Spain.

Dirk finished the game with 10 points, 7 boards and 5 turnovers and after a postgame interview was treated to a standing ovation that had the European hoop legend who has been playing for Germany since 1997 in tears.

After the game he tweeted the following thank you message in German: Danke für die tolle Unterstützung diese Woche. Danke für den tollen Abschied. Den Moment werde ich nie vergessen. Es war mir immer eine Ehre (English Translation: Thanks for great support this week & for the great departure. Moment I’ll never forget. Was always an honor).

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