Aaron Gordon Returns Home To Host Camp For Low-Income Youth (And Break Kids’ Ankles)

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Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon is an awful person who finds enjoyment in abusing little kids! Two years ago, he cracked up after cracking this little girl’s ankle and this past weekend, he had fun crossing and dunking on a group of kids.

Actually, Aaron Gordon is a pretty awesome person who hosted a skills camp for 70+ kids from low-income families on Thursday (his 2nd camp of the week) at the Archibishop high school where he won two state championships.

“This is so big to give back,” said Gordon via the Mercury News. “To be able to return to my hometown and put on a clinic to share my love of basketball with everybody, it’s amazing.

“I hope to see some of these kids in the pros. I really do. I hope basketball can take them as far as it’s taken me.”

And I hope people – especially media outlets – recognize what Aaron did for the kids and not just what he did to the kid in the video above. I also hope this is the season the 20 year old Magic forward breaks free from the “just a dunker” rep and makes those 20 point performances and double-doubles from the last month of last season a more common sighting.

But in the meantime, I’m enjoying sightings of Gordon throwing down 360 between the leg dunks in San Fran Pro-Am games and breaking little kids’ ankles at his camps.

Yeah, Aaron Gordon is a pretty awesome or should I say “amazing.”

“I feel like Aaron Gordon makes a difference in our community,” Said camp attendee Sabrina Prieto. “It’s a miracle that I am able to be here. The camp is wonderful. They treat you with respect. You can ask questions. They guide you through everything. It’s amazing.”