Aaron Gordon Throws Down 360 Between-The-Legs Dunk in San Fran Pro-Am Game

After watching Aaron Gordon school and dunk all over little kids on his snapchat over the past few days, the should-have-been dunk champ of 2016 and his brother, Drew, paid a visit to the San Francisco Pro-Am and made a couple of defenders pay the price for trying to get between the rim and them.

The most impressive dunk by Aaron happened at the end of the game when he asked the opposing player – the underrated Ballaholic – for the ball, was given the ball (with approval from Coach BT), and then threw down a contest worthy 360 between-the-legs dunk! A dunk no player has ever pulled off in a NBA game before and only Paul George has pulled off in a NBA dunk contest.

Before we get to a few more of Aaron’s dunks, I highly recommend you click here to watch Drew dunk over Jeremy Lin at the Pro-Am back in 2013.  And if you happen to be in Venice Beach area this Saturday, you should stop by to watch Aaron judge a dunk contest at the famous beach and home of the VBL.