Aaron Gordon Throws Down A Windmill Dunk Vs The Lakers

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Aaron Gordon

It was a great game dunk but let's be honest and not get carried away and call this windmill a "dunk contest worthy" dunk. Every time a player wins, or in Gordon's case was "robbed," in a dunk contest, people have to call almost every dunk they do a "dunk contest worthy" dunk. If this dunk was so great then why isn't the Lakers bench showing any emotion?

Damn it Larry!

Gordon has been throwing down windmills like this for almost a decade and last month he threw down a bunch of dunks nobody has ever seen in a NBA dunk contest.

So, i'm not going to spend anytime praising his game windmill dunk, although I am going to praise his overall game play since the dunk contest.  He struggled last night by making just 2 of 4 shots but he was coming off a 20 & 16 homecoming performance vs the Warriors and has scored in double figures in 9 out of his last 14 games. He also pulled down 10+ boards in 8 of those games.

What i'm really excited about seeing from Gordon in the future isn't more windmills....it's his underrated big-man handles.