Aaron Harrison Has His Dunk Rejected by Center Keith Benson, Earns Praise from Center Legend Patrick Ewing

I got to personally watch Aaron Harrison and his brother Andrew bully and dominate high school competition on a daily basis, so when I saw this clip of Orlando center Keith Benson rejecting a dunk attempt by the undrafted Aaron, I had another reminder that it doesn’t matter what your hoop resume says. It doesn’t matter how many accolades you earned on your journey to the league. It doesn’t matter how many big shots you hit to get to this stage. Once you put on a NBA uniform and step on this stage you have to prove you belong.

Although Aaron was rejected on this play, he provided some proof with 15 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists and recently earned some praise from NBA legend center Patrick Ewing.

“I think he’s doing a fantastic job,” Ewing said after Tuesday’s victory against the Nets. “He’s running the ball club, he’s taking his shots when he has to and he’s also sharing it with other guys on the team.”

“Especially at the best level in basketball, it’s really difficult,” said Harrison. “But there’s just things you’ve got to go through. I’m just trying to get in where I fit in. Coaches want me to play the point guard, I’ll play the point guard.”

Also worth praising is the play of the man who made the monster block on Aaron: Keith Benson. Benson scored 16 points and is a 2nd round pick from the 2011 NBA draft who has spent the past few years playing in 4 different countries.

“It’s a good story what we’re doing,” said Benson after another Magic win. “But we’re all hungry and playing free trying to get (noticed). So it’s a really good story.”