Aaron Harrison (of the Harrison Twins) breaks out of slump with 28 points

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Aaron Harrison Andrew Harrison

John Calipari, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison

Living 20 minutes from their high school, I had the pleasure of watching and cheering for the Harrison Twins, Andrew and Aaron, a lot over the past couple of years.  So it’s been real disappointing to see them struggle early on at Kentucky, but on Sunday, Aaron broke out of his slump and scored 28 points against Robert Morris.  Andrew is averaging 10 points a game and has just 12 assists to his 8 turnovers but I’m expecting a break-out game from him soon too.

Posted above is a pretty funny photo of the twins standing in a similar pose.  I just wished they had different haircuts in high school because it took a long time for me to figure out who was who when they didn’t have their jerseys on.

Check out the full highlights of Aaron’s 28 point game as well as some of their best highlights from high school.






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