Action Bronson & His "Personal" Issues With Michael Jordan While Sneaker Shopping

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Michael Jordan

"You gotta understand something, I'm very aquatic..." - Action Bronson

The host from F*ck, That's Delicious recently went sneaker shopping with Complex Magazine.  Bronson is a true fan of sneakers & he definitely shows it by the choices he makes in footwear.  He's different.  That's why he is probably one of the most slept on sneakerheads in the game right now.  Normally opting for a pair of New Balances or adidas, he chooses to wear what nobody else wears.  That's what makes him a one of a kind sneakerhead.  And on top of all that he just seems like a really cool dude who knows how to stay true to his colors.

Action also speaks out on his first impression upon meeting Michael Jordan.  Which pretty much plays a big role on why he chooses not to wear the "go to" sneakers that everybody else does.  Check the video above for more insight on Action Bronson's taste & style in footwear.

Never change Bronson, never change.