Adidas EUROCAMP 2012 – Top Prospects in Europe

From our friends over at HoopsFix
Check out all the best highlights from adidas EUROCAMP 2012 – the only officially sanctioned NBA Pre-Draft camp outside of the US, featuring the top basketball prospects in Europe.
This mixtape features (in order of appearance):

Oleksandr Lypovyy (Ukraine) assist to Paul Lacombe (France) for the dunk
Axel Toupane (France) alley oop to Rudy Gobert (France)
Abdoulaye Loum (France) blocked shot
AIS alley oop
Russian player fake
Dimitris Katsivelis (Greece) chase down block
Darko Planninc (Croatia) two handed dunk
Christophe Leonard (France) two handed dunk
Axel Toupane (France) one handed dunk
Australian player facial
Kyryl Natyazhko (Ukraine) dunk off behind the back pass from Nenad Miljenović (Serbia)
Andrew Albicy (France) crossover and dish to Izzet Turkyilmaz (Turkey) for the dunk
Riccardo Moraschini (Italy) jumpshot
Oleksandr Lypovyy (Ukraine) and 1 dunk
Owen Ogidie (Australia) breakaway one hander
Artem Pustovyi (Ukraine) two handed pass dunk off pass from Jaka Blazic (Slovenia)
Louis Labeyrie (France) blocked shot
Darko Planninc dunk
Nikola Ivanovic (Montenegro) jumpshot
Nikola Ivanovic (Montenegro) assist to Abdoulaye Loum (France) for the lob catch
Artem Pustovyi (Ukraine) putback dunk
Leo Westermann (France) alley oop to Rudy Gobert (France)
Josep Franch (France) nice dish inside
Jamie Fernandez (Spain) no look dish
Daniel Diez (Spain) breakway dunk
Paul Lacombe (France) alley oop dunk from Jamie Fernandez (Spain)
Nice French passing for lay-up finish
Devon van Oostrum (England) no look pass falling out of bounds to Dusan Cantekin (Turkey)
Abdoulaye Loum (France) two handed power dunk inside
Jaecob Snow (Australia) poster in the lane
Paul Lacombe (France) alley oop to Tornike Shengelia (Georgia)
Rudy Gobert (France) facial
Maxi Kleber (Germany) huge dunk
Ilkan Karaman (Turkey) huge block
Artem Pustovyi (Ukraine) dunk in traffic.
Mateusz Ponikta (Poland) fast break two handed dunk.
Kyryl Natyazhko (Ukraine) two handed dunk
Paul Lacome (France) no look assist
Riccardo Moraschini (Italy) two handed dunk
Louis Labeyrie (France) one handed cock back dunk
Riccardo Moraschini (Italy) two handed dunk
Artem Klimenko (Russia) two handed putback
Andrew Albicy (France) reverse lay up
Leo Westermann (France) nice one handed dish to Rudy Gobert (France) for the dunk
Louis Labeyrie (France) facial on Russian defender.
Evan Fournier (France) one handed poster on the break
Tornike Shengelia (Georgia) baseline drive and poster dunk
Jamie Fernandez (Spain) fake
Tomas Satoransky (Czech Republic) reverse lay up in traffic
Evan Fournier (France) half court bounce pass assist
Kyryl Natyazhko (Ukraine) two handed dunk
Oleksander Lypovyy (Ukraine) behind the back pass to Tornike Shengelia (Georgia) for the dunk
French block on Paul Lacombe
Kyryl Natyazhko (Ukraine) two handed dunk
Samuel Deguara (Malta) one handed dunk in the lane
Olek Czyz (Poland) two handed facial all over defender!
Louis Labeyrie (France) block
Tomislav Zubcic (Croatia) two handed dunk on the baseline
Evan Fournier (France) two handed dunk on the break
Leo Westermann (France) no look pass inside to Jean Charles Livio (France) for the dunk
Paul Lacombe (France) no look pass to Tornike Shengelia (Georgia) for the dunk.
Nihad Djedovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) one handed dish to Izzet Turkyilmaz (Turkey) for the alley oop finish
Australian 360 inside
Owen Odigie (Australia) huge poster dunk all over defender.

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