adidas | Futurecraft 3D

Today adidas unveiled it’s future in running. Already having gained so many loyal customers to the boost technology, the german sportswear label introduces a new technology to provide even more comfort for the modern runner, the Futurecraft.

A first of its kind product utilizing 3D printing. From the looks of the video above, this 3D print looks to be super comfy for running or walking. Hell, they look so damn comfy they can be use as house slippers or something. One thing that is for sure is that adidas has taken a huge leap with the introduction of the Futurecraft. So many questions are already on board for these runners.  When will they drop?  How many colors? How will the 3D printed midsole hold up?  Will I get a pair for a wear test?  Will their be a release party?  Will I get an invite?  Hopefully we all get answers soon.  Until then I’m going to hit up the nearest adidas retailer to cop some goods.

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