AirDogg has guarded LeBron, Inspired Dwight & is ready for a dunk Showdown

If you see a commercial that has a non NBA player dunking in it, there’s a good chance that dunker is Michael “AirDogg” Stewart.   Remember that Sprite LeBron commercial where the ground is breaking?  Yep, that’s AirDogg.  Remember that Nike…yep that’s AirDogg.  BallStr…yep that’s AirDogg.  Was that him in the Avril video..yep that was him dunking.

AirDogg has dunked his way through more commercials and videos than most SAG members.  He’s also known for pulling out a superman cape & resembling Dwight Howard.  Don’t think Howard hasn’t noticed because he even took a page from the AirDogg showmanship book by pretending to use a defibrillator to shock Davis back to life.

This Friday AirDogg plans on shocking LeBron, JCole and the fans of Dwight in Orlando by making them feel how DeMar DeRozan felt after this windmill.

Check out our mini interview with the backboard breaking finalist.

Where did you get the nickname AirDogg & don’t say b/c AirBud was taken?
I developed the name when I was in 8th grade back when the term “dogg” was used as a slang term. back then, when I first learned to dunk people would say that I used to dogg my competition in the air. After that people started calling me Airdogg and the name stuck.

How many commercials have you done?
I have been featured in over 20 national commercials.

Any funny stories from any of them?
I have a funny one actually. So uh I was doing a commercial with Michael Vick and L.T. I got called for the job last minute, and I didn’t have time to get my braids re-braided, so my hair looked terrible. As soon as Michael Vick saw me, he started making fun of me. He said man your hair is so nappy that I can’t even see the parts between your braids.And everybody started cracking jokes on me. So I said haha and then I asked him when they were going to fix his Q.B. vision in Madden because it looks like a pencil. He told me that he already called Madden and they said they were going to fix it, so we laughed it off and we finished the day off playing Madden in his trailer.

Tell me about the sprite one w/ LeBron?
That was one of the most fun I’ve ever had on any set. LeBron was great to work with and had a very laid back down to earth attitude. My favorite part was when I got to windmill and when I got a chance to guard LeBron in the spinning circle at half court.

Were you mad you had to do the basketball scene in the Avril video and not the bed scene at the beginning? 
Actually they requested me for the bed scene first, but I had a girlfriend at the time so I had to sadly decline  The whole shoot was so much fun and Avril was such a pleasure to work with.

What is your favorite personal dunk moment?
My favorite moment in my dunking career has to be when I shattered the backboard with my two hand slamma jamma thank yo momma dunk! lol!

Who was your favorite dunker or inspiration growing up?
Honestly it has to be Domonique Wilkins, Darryl Dawkins and Shawn Kemp hands down.I can’t choose between them so it has to be all of them. i mimic my dunking game after them with the power in their dunks and the showmanship afterwards

Who is your pick for the NBA dunk contest?
I think Paul George is going to win. He has talent and a variety of dunks. Have you seen him do a 360 eastbay?

What is your gameplan for the Showdown finals?
I plan on playing to the crowd, being consistent and doing my best. I’m putting it all on the line. I’m flying from Cali to Orlando on a mission. NO REGRETS.

[youtube id=”HBrV6NZ0UVw” width=”600″ height=”350″]


WHEN: 2.24.12 @ 4:25PM EST on | 2.25.12 @ 1:30PM EST on NBATV

For the past three years, the best “Amateur” dunk contest in the world has been taking place the night before the  NBA Dunk Contest during All-Star weekend. In front of  LeBron James, special hip hop guests like Drakeand this year J. Cole (who will also be performing) , dunk legend Darryl Dawkins and our Sprite Showdown All-Stars Reemix & Los, 4 finalist will compete for the dunk title, $10k and the honor of presenting the trophy to the NBA player who wins the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest the next night.

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