Angelo “Air-Lo” Sharpless Shuts Down Elizabeth City State Univ.

Players in this post:
Mason Plumlee

If you saw the post about 5’9 dunk phenom Desmond “The Problem Child” Faulcon and got to the 1:26 mark of the video you probably were asking yourself who is Air-Lo after witnessing some sick dunks and an ankle-breaker.  His legal name is Angelo Sharpless and he’s a member of the Dunk Godz who recently shut down Elizabeth City State University.

You can enjoy the ankle breaker and his best dunk from the event in the video above made by Elite Mixtapes and a few more of his crazy dunks in the video below.

Also check out this video from our archives with Angelo and Mason Plumlee at the 2013 ACC Barnstorming Tour.



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