Alan Anderson breaks Larry Sander’s ankles with a ball fake then dunks to put the game in OT

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  1. Why did Anderson have the ball at the end of regulation? Well, the answer is DeMar was cold (6-21), Lowry, who had a triple double, only had 4 made shots in the game, Gay was DNP and did you really want (welcome back?) Bargs to have the ball at the end.
  2. How exactly did Larry Sanders (also had a great game with 13pts 12rebs 5blks) fall from a ball fake?  In his defense (no pun intended), many thought Anderson’s move was a travel.
  3. Why was this play not a bigger deal on the nightly sports shows?  The Bucks still won the game behind 19 assists from Jennings and 29 points from Ersanity.

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