Alan Stein & Devin Williams Discuss The Main Cause of Hoop Injuries & When Kids Should Start Training

Internationally known handles trainer Devin Williams paid a visit to the home of Alan Stein – one of the most known and respected basketball and fitness trainers –  as part of the ‘Heart of the City’ online series.  In this clip, Devin asks Stein what he thinks is the #1 reason for so many injuries in the NBA. Stein replies that in his opinion, players’ bodies are built on a poor foundation.

He uses Derrick Rose as an example and says Rose went through 20 years of his life before receiving the type of proper training needed for a NBA body. Stein then explains why kids need to start training as early as 8 or 9 and the differences between the type of  exercise kids get today compared to yesteryears.

Stein also talked about how the desensitization to winning in today’s basketball is also causing a major problem.