Alex Abrines Dunk On Jordan Bell Had Nate Robinson Screaming & Tristan Thompson Having Flashbacks

If you watched the Warriors and Thunder game on Tuesday then you heard 3 x dunk champion Nate Robinson roast a bunch of players and hilariously scream after Alex Abrines reenacted his dunk on Tristan Thompson with Jordan Bell playing the part of Khloe's man.

The dunk was so nasty it had his teammate (and future dunk champion) Terrance Ferguson looking like a future meme, Corey Brewer looking like he just heard he was getting traded again and Nick Collison making...he's still playing and making NBA money?

Here's Abrines' dunk on Tristan Thompson (in English and Spanish) from last season.

There's no dunks in the following clip but this is my favorite Abrines' video.


Here's future dunk champ T-Ferg winning the 2016 Ballislife All-American dunk contest against future pros Miles Bridges and Rawle Alkins.