Alexey Shved’s high school kid (?) breaks defenders ankle with a nasty crossover

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It looks like TWolves Alexy Shved’s son (according to the YouTube description) has been watching his Dad’s teammate Ricky Rubio….or should we have a NBA special on the Jerry Springer show and do some paternity tests.  Steve Nash and Brent Barry could also be guests.

All jokes aside, injuries are a serious topic so I shouldn’t mock the kid wearing Vince Carter’s 15 for almost getting injured so easily by Alexy’s son wearing the GOAT’s #23.   I’m surprised he’s not wearing #1 but then people will think he was a Tmac or Penny fan.

WAIT A MINUTE. ALEXY SHVED IS ONLY 24.  Is this really his son?  Let’s revisit that Jerry Springer idea!

[youtube id=”Po5faPzrGTY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

NOTE: In case you didn’t get the joke, he’s not the son of the NBA rookie.

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