All Of Steph Curry & Klay Thompson’s Performances With 10+ 3-Pointers (2013-2016)

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On Friday night, Klay Thompson became the 2nd fastest player to reach 1,000 3-pointers; Only his splash brother, Steph Curry, made it to the mark quicker.

On Friday night, Klay also had his 3rd game with 10+ 3-pointers and along with Steph, they now have 7 of the last 9 instances and 8 of the 29 all-time instances of a player knocking down 10 3s in a game. Of those 29, only 4 came during the 90s, 6 came between 2000-2009 and the remaining 19 have all happened within the past 6 years. At the rate Steph and Klay are contributing to the list, by the time this decade is up they will probably make up at least 70% of the list.