Allan Houston Stars in ‘Black & White (1999)’ Scores 53 Vs Kobe (2003)

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Kobe Bryant Allan Houston

Before Robert Downey Jr became an action star, Ben Stiller went back to comedy, Elijah Wood was Frodo and Mike Tyson became a comedian, ex-Knick/Heat player Allan Houston did what very few basketball players have ever tried to do: play a serious character in a dramatic film.

James Toback’s 2000 film Black and White has a huge, talented cast and some really intense scenes, but overall it’s a mess with just one too many storylines going around. The only one that’s really interesting is the one about a basketball player (Houston) who is willing to shave points for a childhood friend/bookie (Ben Stiller).

A few years later, Houston also did something very few shooting guards have ever been able to do: score over 50 points against Kobe Bryant. Houston connected on 18 of 29 shots and finished with a career-high 53 (most at any level for H20) as the Knicks pulled off a 117-110 win over Kobe (40 points on 14 of 31 shooting) and the (too many dramatic storylines) Lakers.

”To get a win and have something like that happen individually, it feels great,” Houston said. ”It felt good just to get going and then it didn’t stop.

”It was like being out on the playground again, you’re just out there having fun and playing the game.”




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