Allen Iverson a no show at Ohio Basketball Game

Over 1,500 people showed up to see the former 76er’s legend, Nugget’s player, Piston’s roster holder and Grizzlies…lol really.  WTF really was more of the response when he was a no show at the Ohio game put on by promoter Quincy Simpson.

“He didn’t give me his word. He gave me a contract,” Simpson said. “This wasn’t a handshake agreement. This was an actual contract that he was going to be here. I never had a conversation with Allen Iverson myself, I didn’t need to. I talked to his people and they assured me he was coming. They told me (Saturday night) he was in the Dayton airport. They assured me he was on the road (to here), but I’m starting to think that that was basically a lie. It was very embarrassing.”

Thankfully Lima Senior Travis Walton was there to put up the numbers the crowd wanted to see from Iverson.  He scored 31 points with 22 in the 4th quarter to lead his Lima team to a 31 point victory over the Streetball team that got 28 points each from Easy J and Silent Assassin.

Walton still had high praise for Iverson afterwards.

“That was tough, It was a pity because of all the hard work Quincey put into this. I know Allen Iverson had said he was going to come and he was confirmed to come. I know this is bad because I know everyone came here to see Allen Iverson, one of the greatest players to play the game of basketball.”

It will be interesting to hear a comment from Iverson about the no show.  Then again we’re sitting here and he’s supposed to be a legend and we’re talking about a streetball game.  I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about a streetball game, not a NBA game, not a NBA game, not a NBA game, but a streetball game. Not the game that he goes out and dies for and plays every game like it’s his last but a streetball game.

How silly is that?

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