Allen Iverson Chokes Up While Talking About Teammate Aaron McKie At His Retirement Ceremony

Aaron McKie. We talking about Aaron McKie. Not Mutombo. Not Theo. Not Snow. But Aaron McKie!

All jokes aside, this was a pretty emotional moment during Allen Iverson’s retirement ceremony in 2013. The moment came when a reporter asked Iverson about teammates who have helped him throughout his career. The Answer answered with Aaron McKie before the reporter was even done asking the question. He shook his head and continued to repeat the name of the former 6th Man of the Year until going silent.

“I mean he was my teammate but he was on another level,” said Iverson. “He was my teammate but he was my friend.

“He helped me so much in my career. I talk about the mistakes that I made in my career. I made a million of them, but if it weren’t for Aaron McKie I would have made two million of them. He is just somebody I always listened to and could talk to about anything.”

Here’s an equally emotional version of the video, showing Aaron McKie’s reaction to the conference.

For those who don’t remember McKie, he played eight seasons with Iverson. He also played two with the Lakers before coming back as an assistant coach for the 76ers for seven more.

Grizzlies’ fans might also remember him because he was part of the 2008 trade that sent Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton and the rights to Marc Gasol for Pau Gasol.

Wait, how was he an assistant coach for the 76ers and traded by the Lakers to the Grizzlies?

He was still on the books for the Lakers while coaching for Philly, which meant LA could still trade him. So they did. Then yhe Grizzlies waived him and he went right back to the 76ers.

He’s currently an assistant coach at Temple University, where he played when he won the 1993 Atlantic 10 Player of the Year.