Allen Iverson gives his top 5 players, talks about Kobe, best draft class & coaching | Philippines Charity Game

Probably? Probably? We talking about the best draft class ever!
A reporter made the mistake of asking Allen Iverson about his famous 1996 draft class, which includes Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Ray Allen and many other notable players, by saying "probably the most accomplished" class ever. Iverson gave him a smile and said "whatcha mean probably."

That's one of the many great moments in Iverson's media interview at the NBA Cafe in the Philippines for the "All In" celebrity basketball game that goes down today. Iverson will be on the sidelines coaching the game which features ex NBA players like Eddy Curry, DeMar Johnson and the exciting Ballup Streetball crew with our friends The Professor, Air Up There, BC and G-Smith.

Iverson was also asked who he thought were the 5 best five players of all-time and if he would include himself on the list. He said he would have to leave himself off at the 2 because Michael Jordan plays the 2. The other players on his sure to be well discussed starting 5 included Magic, LeBron, Charles Barkley and Shaq. He added that Bird would be the next player on the list.

Another great response came when a reporter asked if he was interested in coaching. Iverson jokingly said "no" and "we would never practice."

He did say he was interested in mentoring.

“All I want to do is advise. The knowledge that I have, I want to be able to put it to use. I want to be able to be someone to come in and give my opinion on what can turn the franchise around. That’s what I want to do when it comes to basketball,” said Iverson.

“It’s a lot of other things, to speak to up-and-coming players and the little kids, give them my thoughts on how to try to make it in basketball. Things like that, to be able to have that voice.

“I would tell them not to put so much pressure on themselves to excel right from the beginning. To be able to let yourself grow, don’t feel like you gotta come right in and turn into a household name right from the beginning. Don’t be so hard on yourself, let it come to you.”

Another gem he threw out was when he was talking about his 16 year old son who he feels is "way better" than he was at the age which is saying a lot considering how great AI was at age 16.

"This is not the last of the Iversons."



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