Allen Iverson will coach the Ballup Streetball team for Philippines exhibition game


Back in 2012, Allen Iverson played with the Ball Up streetball team at the HUPU All-Star game.  Later this year, AI will be reuniting with the ankle breakers Professor, Bone Collector and the rest of the high flying Ball Up crew for the All In Basketball Exhibition game in the Philippines.  But this time, the king of the crossover will be the coach (will he make them practice?).

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the highlights from the 2012 game and if you think Iverson sounds like an interesting choice for a coach, Metta World Peace and Gilbert Arenas will be the coaches for the Ballup game this Saturday in Baltimore.

iverson_china21 (1) 20 (1) 7 (2) 12 1 (2) Allen-Iverson-Wears-Reebok-Question-White-Black-in-China


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