Allen Iverson’s Funny & Emotional Hall of Fame Celebration Conference

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Allen Iverson

After a day of bad news and rumors around 76ers players and Sam Hinkie, Philly basketball fans needed something to cheer them up. That something came in the form of the pound for pound greatest player to ever step on a NBA court, Allen Iverson, who gave Philly fans so much to cheer about during his days as a 76er.

On Friday night, the 76ers honored the great “killer (not a point guard)” for his recent election to the basketball Hall of Fame. During the press conference, AI was full of emotion – from cheers to tears – as he talked about his career and reminded the media why we miss him so much.

Enjoy the full conference below and if you are a big Iverson fan then you should give a shout out to Youtube user ‘Pennyccw‘ for giving us a decade of great and rare footage of Iverson. He’s had a couple channels taken down by the NBA but he continues to share his love for Iverson by sharing more videos – like the ones above.