Alonzo Mourning Talks Shaq’s Rap Diss, JVG Hanging on His Leg & Top 5 Toughest Opponents

The first time I saw Shaq play in person was in 1992 when the Magic hosted the Hornets.  It was billed as the first of many showdowns between him and the other next great big man Alonzo Mourning, but Zo was a contract holdout so he didn’t play. Obviously I was little upset and this made it just that much more enjoyable when Shaq later appeared on the Arsenio Hall show with his favorite rap group – Fu-Schnickens – and performed a new song called  ‘What’s Up Doc.” The song featured a slight diss at the #2 draft pick as well as Christian Laettner. 

Now who’s the first pick me, word is born and,
Not a Christian Laettner, not Alonzo Mourning

23 years later, AOL’s 2 Point Lead asked Zo about the “diss track” and the always entertaining Georgetown great had an amusing response.



The 2 Point Lead also asked him who were the top 5 toughest players he went against  no surprise his 90’s foe and Heat championship teammate Shaq was on the top of his list. Buck Williams, Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing and Hakeem rounded out the 5.  Wait…No Larry Johnson?

Back to Shaq, Lakers fans should thank Alonzo because Shaq once said he was wiling to resign with the Magic for less than $100 million but when Alonzo signed for more, then Shaq had to have more than what Zo was getting paid and the Orlando Magic weren’t willing to go that high which allowed Jerry West to scoop up Shaq. But depending on who you want to believe, Shaq was packed for LA long before the Summer negotiations – some say before he was even drafted by the Orlando Magic with the first pick (Not a Christian Laettner, not Alonzo Mourning).

Source: AOL 2 PT Lead