On this day in history (2.18.86) Alvin Robertson had a quadruple double

There’s a lot of positive things to say about what Alvin Robertson did on the court, but considering he has a history of beating women and in in 2010 was charged (update: he was cleared of all charges on November 30th, 2015), along with seven other men, with the kidnapping and raping of a 14-year old girl that was forced into prostitution by the men, I’m not going to say any of those positive things.  I am just going to acknowledge that on February 18th of 1986, he did put up one of the five quadruple-doubles in NBA history with 20 points 11 rebounds 10 assists and 10 steals against the Phoenix Suns.

The only video clip I’m going to show from Robertson’s career is the one where he gets punched in the face by Shaq, who later referenced it in his song ‘Where Ya At.’

“Punch you in the face like that kid from Detroit!”





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