Amazing Basketball Street Performer in China vs The Red Panda

Check out this pretty impressive street artist in China.

Via HDExposure

An old man in Changsha is performing his daily routine performing his famous Head balancing act in-front of a busy Mall. The street artist has been in the local newspaper, but his existence is far from known. Because of the high difficulty of his performance by-passers stand and watch and many donate money as he can’t relax for a split second. He doesn’t say anything and doesn’t rest much. He re-fills the water in the cups and gives his neck a minute rest before restarting his act by spinning the basketball and starts balancing it on his head.

It’s unknown how long he’s been doing this, but he is extremely good at it and even plays with qigong balls and stands on 1 foot while doing all this. He has a wooden box where he writes that “Only one in the World” in Chinese characters.

If his performance gets any love around the world we will see, but this video was taken during the FIBA Asia 2015 where fans from around China and even a few NBA Scouts where in attendance to attend. His performance might have been the best performance we will see during FIBA Asia.

As impressive as he is, I still find the recently retired Rong Niu aka The Red Panda – the Asia girl who flipped bowls on her head during NBA half-time shows in the 90s and 00s – way more exciting.