Amazing Last Second Shot from the most unlikely hero | This is Love

Pause the video at the 5 second mark and tell me what do you see.  You see a fat kid wearing David Robinson's number, calling for the ball, and with big bone Cartman jokes going through your head, you are also thinking some massive fail is about to happen. Hit play, then pause at the 6 second mark, where the kid who looks like the last kid picked for teams, throws the ball over his head from well beyond the three point line. Hit play and watch this miracle game winner swish to the disbelief of every cheering person in the gym.

All you see now is pure basketball joy. Smiles on the parents, friends, refs, coaches and players, boys and girls, on both teams. Players that don't know anything about the business of pro basketball or the business of any profession that they will eventually learn when they become adults. The only thing these players know is love and basketball and love was shining on this unlikely hero today.  Ball is Life!


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