An Army of Steph Currys Star in New Under Armour Commercial with Jordan Spieth & Misty Copeland

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Steph Curry

I guess this is what a remake of the Spike Jonze film “Being John Malkovich” would look like with ballet dancer Misty Copeland, golf champ Jordan Speith or (fill in the blank) Stephen Curry.

The video is the latest commercial from Under “should  have bought our stock years ago” Armour featuring the chef who has spent the summer racking up awards at kids shows and spending time with his now famous kid and her new little sister.

If you aren’t familiar with the rising value of Under Armour stocks, when UA signed Curry in October of 2013, the stock was only about $40. It’s now floating around $100.  And if you were really lucky and bought in 10 years ago then you would have been able to pick up the stocks at about $6.

And if you aren’t familiar with the mentioned  Oscar nominated film from 99, here’s a scene from the movie which would be pretty funny if it was Curry instead of Malkovich.