And1 Shootout between “dunkers” Guy Dupuy and Chris Staples

Chris Staples of the Harlem Globetrotters and Guy Dupuy are known as two of the best dunkers in the world but don’t think you can leave them wide open in a game for a jump shot. ┬áIn this video shot by dunk pro Werm, Staples and Dupuy had a friendly shootout before their last And1 game in Salt Lake City.

Before one of you makes the assumption that they can’t shoot because of their misses then check out Steph Curry and his Dad having a shootout at the Splash Brothers camp and tell me Steph can’t shoot because he missed wide open shots too.

If you rather watch Chris, Werm and Guy dunk and Hot Sauce break ankles than taking jumpers, rebounding and filming then enjoy the following vids.




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