Tyrone "Alimoe" Evans, And1 Streetball legend, Passed Away From A Seizure | Streetball world reacts

If you remember the original And1 VHS Mixtapes then you probably remember rewinding over and over again, until you damaged your VCR heads, the moves of players like Rafer Alston and Harlem's Tyrone "Alimoe" Evans aka The Black Widow.  You might also remember the NBA vs Streetball arguments from those days and Alimoe was one of the names that was often mentioned when people would say which streetball players could play against NBA talent. Kenny Smith even said, "He was the only guy I ever watched that I said ‘he should have been in the NBA and didn’t make it and didn’t attempt to make it.'"

Yesterday was a sad day for all of us that remember these days as news broke that the streetball legend had passed away from a seizure.

Everybody at the Ballislife family would like to send our deepest condolences to his family.

The following are statements from other people that knew him.

R.I.P to a good friend of mines Alimoe Evans aka "The Black Widow". one of the greatest NYC streetball players ever! Just talked to him b4 Allstar weekend #sad about this!!
- Phillip "Hot Sauce" Champion

R.I.P. Alimoe.....im at a loss for words...you will be missed bro....my heart goes out to his famly!...
Larry "Bone Crusher" Williams

I can't explain how I feel right now... I Just got word my MAN "BLACK WIDOW" AKA "ALIMOE" has died...
- John High Octane Harvey

- Shane "Dribbling Machine" Woney

I remember like it was yesterday... 6th park in Bakersfield first time I played against him I was a youngsta that got crossed up lol... Never forget how raw his game was, then again he came out to the Slamball courts in 08. Hoop in Peace Black Widow.
- Myree Reemix Bowden

Rest in Peace, Tyrone "Alimoe" Evans aka the Black Widow. Another talented baller left us.
- Kevin Couliau, Director of Doin It In The Park)

R.I.P. to my boy Alimoe Evans aka Black Widow
- Jerry Dupree

Sad news.. RIP Streetball Legend Alimoe aka Black Widow
- Grayson "The Professor" Boucher

RIP Alimoe. I loved getting to know you and will miss you. You're a legend and will always be remembered.
- Michael Khun, videographer/editor on And1 Mixtapes

R.I.P to Alimoe Evans when i was young and new to streetball he was one of the first players to cosign for me and give me my props as a Hooper! He was by far one of the best players in streetball history! We see Lebron and KD 2day and to be 6'8 with a handle Alimoe evolutionized the game! You will be forever missed and hopefully now at AndOne Live we can carry on your legacy and keep the movement you started going! Thanks for being you.....
- Alonzo Miles

Alimoe Evans was as close to a true to life legend as are made. He was enigmatic, reclusive and great. Magical on the blacktop. RIP Alimoe Evans
- Matt Caputo, Writer Slam

Rest in Peace Tyron Black Widow Evans AKA Alimoe... One of the best 2 eva do it on that blacktop in NYC....
- Corey Williams



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