Ball Up vs And1 Dunk Contest at LA Lights (Jus Fly, G-Smith, Mr Afrika, Roscoe)

LA Lights is known for bringing the best dunkers and streetballers out to Jakarta each year for their International All-Star event. This year they brought out two of the best streetball crews in the world, And1 Live & Ballup,  in a battle for “Honor.”  I’ll translate, honor = bragging rights, as both crews are made up members of the original And1 Streetball team and talented newcomers.

The game was a blow out with Ballup beating And1 Live with ease even without a few of their premier players – The Professor and Air Up There.

Now the dunk contest was a different story.  And1 Live was represented by Sprite Showdown and Globetrotter vet Roscoe aka Sarge and cart wheeling Jus Fly who has been dominating every dunk contest this year.  Ballup was represented by Sprite Uncontainable AllStar G-Smith and one of New York’s best Mr Afrika.

G-Smith and Afrika were great and consistent but many thought Jus Fly stole the show again with his head above the rim antics.  Roscoe, despite missing most of his dunks, had the best looking dunks….actually dunk attempts.

With respect to both crews you could argue that the best dunkers for each team were not competing in the contest. And1 Live has two of the best 1 foot dunkers in the world in Werm & Guy Dupuy and Ballup has undefeated dunk legend Air Up There aka Mr 720 and Special FX not participating.   Guy and Air Up There are both thought to be unbeatable in a dunk contest so it would be interesting to see an event with both of them.

[youtube id=”wm9g6ZUKQOs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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