Andre Drummond gives up his jersey #1 to Chauncey Billups

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Andre Drummond dominating the Summer league - Beast

Andre Drummond dunking on Chris Brown - Good

Andre Drummond dunking on girls - Disrespectful (it's a joke)

Andre Drummond giving up his uniform number for Chauncey Billups - Ultimate Respect

Back in 2009, LeBron James gave up his number 23 and said other NBA players should do the same out of respect for Michael Jordan.  Many of us said "respect" to the Cavs superstar while most people in Cleveland still sour about The Shot said "whatever" and the 12 other players in the league wearing #23 said "nope. I'll keep my number."

I can't blame the guys for wanting to keep their lucky numbers in that situation but I love to see young guys like Drummond make a gesture like he did for vets especially vets that helped a franchise win a championship the way "Mr Big Shot" did.

At Billups press conference he said Drummond should "have another number anyway because he's going to be a great player and one day have his number retired."  Respect!

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